Friday, June 27, 2008

What To Do With Chocolate Goat Cheese

My Capri chocolate goat cheese from Westfield Farm is scrumptious! If you order it online or buy it in a specialty store, then you could be enjoying this:

That's a slice of brioche, toasted, with the chocolate goat cheese and honey drizzled on top. I've also had it on crusty bread in the same style. It was good that way too.

Westfield Farm offers these recipes:

Chocolate Goat Cheese Canape

Chocolate Capri Cheesecake

And I bet you could make the Goat Cheese Pound Cake with the chocolate cheese!

Here's a link to my post on Capri cheeses made by Westfield Farm.


recipes2share said...

This looks really tasty. I also love goats cheese drizzled with honey and walnuts crumbled over!

PaniniKathy said...

I had never heard of chocolate goat cheese, but now I'm going to seek it out! Was planning to hit the cheese shop tomorrow anyway - now I know what to request :-)