Tuesday, June 17, 2008

My Little World Of Food becomes Inspired Bites!

Hi People! My Little World of Food is now Inspired Bites! Like the new name? I do, very much. It took weeks of brain power to come up with a two-word name that isn't already taken. By the way, I also took inspiredbites.com for future use. But I have some HTML programming to learn before I can use it.

So, why change over now to Inspired Bites? I was saving my new name and domain until I learned some online programming, but a few days ago my world was shattered.

An awful lot of the people who visit my site come here through a site called TasteSpotting, which shut down over the weekend without warning. I freaked out, wondering how I would get people to know that I'm out here in the World Wide Web.

I am now submitting my posts to a number of new sites that cropped up in the absence of TasteSpotting. It just makes sense for people to get to know me on these new sites under my new name.

I'm in the process of moving all my posts (or at least copying them) from My Little World of Food, so please be patient while I check my links and continue to move the 75 posts I have made since beginning my blog in March.

Welcome to Inspired Bites everyone! I hope you like it here!



Anonymous said...

Hi Puppymomma,

good luck with the move and let us help where we can!

Anonymous said...

Nice place! I like the way you've decorated! :-)

Anonymous said...

Hey, love the new name. I don't know that much html, but let me know if I can help!

Your photos are so gorgeous!

puppymomma said...

I thank you all for the compliments and well-wishes. It makes all the hard work switching over feel good.