Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I'm a liar!

I lied to you all. Well, not really. At the time, I thought I was telling the truth.

I've continued watching The Next Food Network Star. I'm sorry! I just can't help myself! I hate it, but I can't turn away. I told Joe to remove it from the "to record" list on the DVR. He told me he would. After all, he just couldn't give up control of the clicker at that moment. But he didn't remove it from the list. Does that make him a liar too?

Watching The Next Food Network Star is like driving by a wreck on the highway. You don't want to be one of those people who has to look at those who might be injured or embarrassed to be there, but you just can't help yourself.

So, now it's too late. I have to see this series through. Damn you Food Network! I have to say that it was a smart move to put this show on just when television choice drops to close to nothing for the summer.

So here's my current thoughts on these contestants:

Lisa has really grown on me. She's not the combative contestant that she started out to be. I'm sort of rooting for her now. Of the bunch, she's one of the few who care to make something more special than meatloaf.

Shane has earned my respect. In his own words, he isn't a used car salesman. He's about the food. Perhaps he should try to get a cooking show on public television instead. Stick to your integrity, Shane.

The hospital cafeteria dude, Aaron, is a good guy and has taste. That potato dish he did made my mouth totally water!

And the rest of them? Not so hot.

Jeniffer is listed as a "self-taught chef." Isn't that an oxymoron? Don't chefs have to go through some serious culinary training? All she seems to care about is kid-friendly food. She should make a Betty Crocker cupcake and go home.

Nipa should never have been allowed to continue after her hissy fit.

Adam is mostly show. I think there is some cooking talent in there, but he's an on camera freak. Tuschie and the scary woman love it!

Ta ta, Jeffrey. You didn't impress me much, but you seemed like a very nice man.

Kelsey is a wind-up doll with major mood swings, from overly happy and excited to crying her eyes out. I think she needs Klonopin. I suppose she's fun to laugh at, but I seriously don't want to see her win, or come anywhere close to winning.

On the topic of the show itself, other bloggers have enlightened me as to the difficulty of their challenge. The cooks are given very little time to plan and prepare their dishes. Culinary greatness just doesn't happen in a half hour most of the time. And someone mentioned, I think on Serious Eats, that it is odd that they bring the contestants to the store when the Food Network has an abundance of ingredients right there on site. What's up with that? And then they have to deal with the stores not carrying their ingredients. That must have totally stunk for poor Aaron who couldn't come up with any cayenne pepper. Just think, it was probably in storage in the very building where he was competing!

I will now await the next episode with my fingers crossed for either Lisa, Aaron, or Shane to win.


Olga said...

I like that show too! I actually make myself go to the gym in order to watch it :)

Rachelle S said...


I love this show, but dislike the contestants this season, blah....