Saturday, March 22, 2008

The Zest, The Zester, and The Zested

Here it is, the microplane zester and its two victims: Mr. Lemon and Mr. Orange.

I have no idea where this zester came from. I think I got it for free from some cooking-type of purchase. A magazine perhaps? Either way, I'm so glad to have it. It makes getting the zest an effortless pleasure. Not only that, but it's designed so that you only get the top layer, and therefore you have a better quality zest. They say that if you get the pith (what is just under the zest), it will be bitter.

You can see in this picture just how little is taken off the surface of the fruit:

Just look at that beautiful, paper-thin zest:

You just can't get that with a knife, or with other types of zesters.

Like I wrote, mine was free. But if I were to buy one on, I could get this basic type with no handle for $8.00. The same one with a handle is $10.00. Totally worth it!

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