Thursday, March 20, 2008

A Memorial Cheese Tattoo

Who ever would have thought they'd see a tattoo post on a food blog?

Here it is, folks. A memorial cheese tattoo. And I have to say that I think it's totally cool!

LA Ink is on TLC with new episodes on Thursday nights. With each tattoo they do on the show, the owner of the tattoo explains the story behind it. The tattoos that end up on air are usually emotional, as was this one.

This nutty looking guy (with a personality to match) who looked like he stepped right out of 1978 asked Kim to do this tattoo. The story behind it was interesting. If I remember correctly, he worked at a supermarket and he was hit by a car behind the store one day. The crash crushed his small intestines and he had to have 19 inches of intestines removed.

Well, his favorite food was cheese, but the operation left him lactose intolerant. So he decided that somehow it would help him to see this memorial tattoo on his inner arm. Personally, I think it would only make me want it if I always saw it on my arm, but that's just me.

This guy was a complete barrel of laughs and they showed several photos of him posing with cheese. I was cracking up. It was quality entertainment.

By the way, this was not his only food tattoo. He also had a cute little cheese taco on his calf.

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