Saturday, April 12, 2008

Battle of the Foil Packed Salmon

There was no real competition in this battle. The clear winner is the Bumble Bee brand! Here's why:

  • Ease of Use: I couldn't get that pouch of Chicken of the Sea open very easily. I tried three different packs and each time I needed to break out the scissors. By the way, the contents of all three went to my dogs. The Bumble Bee opens as promised. You pull from the upper corner and it opens. I've never had to resort to the scissors.

  • Visual: The Chicken of the sea looks more like mush. The Bumble Bee, on the other hand, flakes to the perfect texture for my salmon salad.

  • Texture: The Chicken of the Sea says no need to drain, but there is a need to drain. However, the liquid is thick and it doesn't drain easily at all. The Bumble Bee liquid is more watery and easily drains. Some comes out when you tilt the package and pour. The rest easily comes out with a little squeezing of the foil pack. No can lid to press, no fish juice on my hands. Oh, and my dogs really enjoy that juice!

  • Taste: I didn't even taste the Chicken of the Sea. The texture of that thick liquid (because it didn't drain well) turned me off completely!

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