Saturday, May 24, 2008

Corncakes with Fruit and Mascarpone Cream

What to do with leftover cornmeal pancakes? Make something spectacular! And this little dessert was just that - spectacular. The toasty goodness of the corn pancakes, the fresh spring fruit, the mascarpone cream with just a hint of rum. And above all that, it looks impressive. People will ooh-and-aah when they see it.

I gave this particular one in the picture to a coworker. We sat in the lunch room and she was eating it when another coworker came in and said, "How dare you bring something like that in here!" That made me feel good. She was so impressed when I said that I had made it. That made me feel even better.


Cornmeal Pancakes
Mascarpone Cream
Your favorite preserves (I used Dickinson's Seedless Black Raspberry)
Fresh Fruit
Mint for Garnish

Okay, here's my ingredients, ready to go.

Put the bottom pancake on the plate. Top it with a layer of preserves.

Slather the mascarpone cream on the bottom of another pancake and then place that on top of the first pancake.

Top that pancake with a layer of preserves and then place another pancake with a mascarpone cream bottom on top.

Top with fresh fruit. Garnish with more fresh fruit and mint.

And here's the view from the top.

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