Sunday, January 4, 2009

Candy-Making Tools

To help me to make truffles that look presentable, I went to Michael's and bought some inexpensive tools and supplies at Michael's to help me out:

  • a candy dipping set
  • couplers and tips
  • parchment pastry bags
  • decorating candies
  • paper candy cups

This is a candy dipping set:

I don't know if I used them the right way, but it worked for me. I used the rounded end to roll the truffle around in the melted chocolate. Then I used the one with the prongs on the end to lift the truffle out of the chocolate and place it on my Silpat mat (you could place yours on wax paper - that's fine!). I liked it because the truffle just slid off of it with ease.

This bag of parchment triangles (perhaps a lifetime supply!) cost just over $6.00. I used it to pipe the white chocolate over the top of the truffles.

These are the couplers and tips:

The couplers fit on the end of the parchment bag and the tip comes out from the inside. Here's the result:

And I got some valentine's decorating candies - hearts, pink and white balls, and colored sugar.

Then I placed each truffle in a paper candy cup (the 1" size) and put them in a box.

I'm no professional candy decorator, but I was happy with the results.

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Kris said...

These are beautiful candies.
I am wondering, and looking for some advice, if you have ever made gummy candy? I tried a batch of this candy and it won't firm. Does this mean too little pectin was used or that I didn't heat the mixture hot enough before removing from the stove?