Saturday, July 26, 2008

I'd Like To Thank The Academy (Teresa, that is)...

It's a really special feeling to know that someone who you admire and have high regard for feels the same way about you. I thank you, Teresa, at Mexican-American Border Cooking for this beautiful award. I am most flattered and will proudly display this award for all to see!

I shall now do the honor of passing it along to five admirable food bloggers:

Elle at Elle's New England Kitchen - What an awesome blog by someone who inspires me. She cooks, she bakes, and she takes the time to contribute greatly to the food blogger community.

Ben at What's Cooking? - Ben's recipe repertoire is delicious. While he specializes in Mexican cooking, he ventures into other realms also, including baking! Ben Co-hosted the Daring Bakers braided Danish Bread event last month. Portions of Ben's blog are also available in Spanish.

Meeta at What's for Lunch Honey? - I just "met" Meeta and I am so impressed with her beautiful blog, her photography, and her fine recipes.

Jenn at The Left Over Queen hostess of the Left Over Queen Forum / Foodie BlogRoll. Jenn, I am in complete awe of all you do: cook, bake, blog, run a forum, promote the blogs of others, write, travel, and teach others. You are amazing. I thank you for welcoming me and all the food bloggers of the world into your community.

Dave at Dave's Cupboard - Dave's cupboard is a fun site to visit. He posts recipes and a lot of stories and thoughts about food products, local foods and food-based attractions. He has a way with words and I really enjoy reading his informative and thoughtful posts.


JennDZ - The Leftover Queen said...

MERYL! Thank you SO much for your kind kind words! :) You are so welcome. I just love the foodie community online - all of your inspire me every day! Thank you for being such a great member of this community! :)

Elle said...

Meryl, thank you so much for the award and for the kind words! I'm truly flattered.

Thank you!

Teresa Cordero Cordell said...

Oh Meryl, como eres linda. You are so sweet.